General musings

Two steps forward...

After I published Starfall, I decided that I needed a change of pace. I am proud of my work on The Chronicles of Fid, of course, and I loved writing those books…but I have other stories I want to tell!

I dusted off one of my older concepts, a fantasy tale about an explorer on a world that had suffered a magical apocalypse and been overrun by demonic predators. Feeling confident that my memories of a decade-old story idea were sufficient, I spent some time hammering out a plotline and set to work.

The words were flowing but I wasn’t proud of them. There was something wrong. And because I’m occasionally more stubborn than is healthy, I decided that I’d figure out the problem along the way and just continued to power through the writing. I still wasn’t proud and I still felt like something was wrong…but at least I was filling pages.

And then I injured myself and couldn’t even sit at a keyboard without experiencing debilitating pain. Progress ground to a halt.

(Before you all panic, I want to note that physical therapy is working wonders! I can type again, I can use a mouse. Things aren’t perfect yet, but I’m feeling remarkably hopeful!)

When it came time to resume work on my novel, however, I came to a realization.

My memories about the old story’s world hadn’t been perfect. As I’d been writing, I’d been inspired and had come up with new ideas. The map changed, the histories were altered, as was the system of magic and the nature of the threats that the protagonists faced. Yes, I’d had engaging characters and an intriguing, twisty plot ready…but the characters and plot were no longer appropriate for the altered setting. That’s what had been wrong. That’s what had been bothering me.

So. I have two choices:

  1. Revamp the characters and plot.

  2. Revamp the world/setting.

Taking the second option would have been easier, but I have decided that I really like some of the dramatic opportunities present in the new and revamped fantasy world. It’s clever. It’s BETTER. So…I’m shelving the work that I’ve already done and will be beginning again from a blank page. Starting tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

- David R.

P.S. In other news…I’ve started exercising and dieting in the hopes of forestalling future injuries. My weight certainly contributes to the strain on my joints! My plan is to start with a three-day fast—I’m in my second day now—and then continue with alternate-day-fasts for a while and resuming kettle-bell workouts and DDP yoga. I’ve been reading a lot about the medical benefits of intermittent fasting and the research I’ve seen looks compelling. Feeling very positive so far!

David Reiss