General musings


On the same week, I've received my 100th review on Amazon and my 200th rating on GoodReads. I completed a trilogy. I've won awards. My debut novel was mentioned in my favorite sci-fi trade magazine’s “2018 Recommended Reading List.” This has been a heck of a year and I'm having a blast.

But none of those items are the recently-achieved milestone that I wanted to talk about.

I received my first one-star review!

Time and time again, I'd been told that this is something that all authors experience...but I've still been somewhat apprehensive about the possibility. And now that it's happened, I'm pleased to be able to report that the skies didn't fall and my world didn't end.

Like many (most?) creators, I am emotionally invested in my work. If I didn’t care about my prose, how could I possibly expect for my audience to care when they read it? A significant percentage of my life has been dedicated towards improving my craft…countless hours spent in study and practice, focused solely upon the goal of sharing my stories with the world. To reach across the void and forge an emotional connection. To entertain. To inspire.

A one-star review means that — at least in this one case — I failed in that mission. I’m well aware that art is subjective and that it would be impossible for my work to appeal to all audiences…but I can’t help WANTING to. I’m not embarrassed to admit there exists a part of me that is saddened. But the larger part of me is inspired.

WIth the next novel, I’ll have another chance. Maybe that one will be more successful in bridging that gap.

Or the novel after that one.

Or the one after that.

So, to my anonymous reviewer on Audible I have only this to say: I am genuinely, truly sorry that you didn't like Fid's Crusade. I appreciate that you gave my work a try, and if you're interested in recommendations for other works with a similar genre…use the 'contact the author' tab on my web page and I'll do my best to steer you towards something that you'll find more to your taste.

To the other 99.7% of my reviewers, I can only say that I am touched and inspired by your continued support. I promise to keep writing and I very much hope to continue entertaining you all.

I have no idea how many more milestones lay ahead of me…but I’m looking forward to all of ‘em.

David Reiss