General musings


So, I'm now a first-time published author. Huzzah! After far too many caffeine-fueled late night writing and editing sessions, Fid's Crusade has finally gone live!

Now comes the hard part: Waiting for feedback from my audience.

I'm not good at this part.

I don't know why. For most things, I'm a reasonably patient person. I don't rush while driving, I don't mind standing in the queue at the store, and I don't insist on overnight delivery for online purchases. If plans are delayed or cancelled, I can cope. If my favorite beer is out of stock and won't be back for a couple of worries, man. Things 'll work out.

But not feedback for stories.

If I spy someone reading my work, I try very hard not to hover. According to my husband, however, I don't try hard enough; I apparently stalk the reader like a predator circling its prey. Really, I thought I was just pacing as a nervous habit. I wasn't hovering, I was just...there. Watching. Waiting. Staring...

Ok, yeah, I may need to work on that s'more.

Anyway, the point is...I like getting feedback. I don't think that it's an ego thing; I'm not looking for people to tell me how awesome I am! I have a cat for that, she thinks I'm perfect because I feed her whenever she meows loud enough.

It's just that...storytelling and writing prose matter to me. I want to know what my audience loved so I can do more of that. I want to know what my audience hated so that I can do better next time.  I want to gather every bit of constructive criticism that I can beg, borrow or plead for, and use every last speck to inform my next creation.

(Also, I may be lying to myself about the ego thing. If you want to tell me I'm awesome, I won't complain too much.)

David Reiss