Behind Distant Stars

Behind Distant Stars


His reputation had been secure

He was the world’s most feared supervillain!

But then he saved the world…

News cameras had captured every moment of the battle in which Doctor Fid single-handedly averted an alien invasion. As details emerge, the public discovers how close the Earth had come to inescapable subjugation…or to complete annihilation.

In the aftermath, there are many who wonder if the veteran villain has changed his ways. There are many who think that Doctor Fid might not be a monster after all.

Notoriety is important to many of Doctor Fid’s long-term plans to punish the unworthy, and this shift in public perception threatens to undermine decades’ worth of effort…but it also presents a tempting opportunity.

New foes appear and new challenges arise, and through it all Doctor Fid must decide for himself what role he will play. Can the notorious supervillain set aside the goals that he’s sacrificed half his life to achieve? Can he become the hero the the world needs?

Or will he remain the villain that the world’s heroes deserve?

Find out in Behind Distant Stars: Book Two in the Chronicles of Fid!


What reviewers are saying about Behind Distant Stars:

"Another delightful, energetic, and engaging supervillain novel."

"The world presented is both interesting and funny - the heroes and villains are such great caricatures on the surface, but each one has depths that sneak into view at just the right moment. Everything - the plotting, setting, and consistency feels tight."

"The thing I enjoy the most about Doctor Fid is how believable he is. Not in the sense that the science behind his powers is anything but enjoyable handwaving in the best traditions of superhero 'science', but rather that the author has done a truly excellent job of creating a 'mad scientist' whom we can believe is actually 'mad' in a meaningful, believable way."

“Flawless in execution. This story was a perfect blend of tragedy and triumph, villain and hero, good versus evil…A beautifully written book.”