Behind Distant Stars

Behind Distant Stars


The reputation took decades to earn.

Doctor Fid was the world’s most feared supervillain!

But then he saved the world…

Doctor Fid’s hard-won notoriety is necessary for many of his long-term plans…But all those long years of effort is put at risk by one battle’s outcome.

The world has become aware that it was a supervillain who saved the planet from annihilation. There are many who wonder if the veteran villain has change his ways. Others speculate that perhaps Doctor Fid was never a monster after all.

The shift in public opinion threatens to completely disrupt the status quo. New foes appear and new challenges arise, and through it all Doctor Fid must decide for himself what role he will play.

Can Doctor Fid set aside the goals that he’s sacrificed half his life to achieve? Can he become the hero the the world needs?

Or will he remain the villain that the world’s heroes deserve?

Find out in Behind Distant Stars: Book Two in the Chronicles of Fid!